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Things That Make a Difference in Manufacturing

In an age of mass marketing, online ordering, and outsourcing, it is easy for a manufacturer to hide behind computer screens. However, we strive to make our customer service more personal. That is why we take the time to communicate with our customers’ in person, and are always available to reach over the phone. Our relationships with our customers ensure a customized experience that suits their unique needs.

Work Within Your Means:
We know our capabilities and our limitations. While we are always finding ways to expand our capabilities, proper risk analysis prevents us from straying into areas that may affect our ability to service customers.

Focus on Cleanliness and Organization:
Clutter and disorganization leads to costly mistakes and lack of efficiency. We make sure that the only materials needed to run a job are kept at the workstation at a given time (material, job traveler, any necessary gages). Cleanliness and organization throughout the shop makes in-process parts easily identifiable at a glance, and keeps operators focused on what’s truly important: making great parts.

Keep up with Technology
It is important to stay up to date on technology by replacing old equipment with more capable, modern machinery. By investing in new technology (equipment, software, etc.), we are able to keep up with the increasing demand and complexity of the parts our customers require, in the time they require them.

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