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The Next Industrial Revolution

Who is Prepared for the New Industrial Revolution?
The next industrial revolution is on its way – the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) will change the way manufacturers gather, interpret, and distribute data in order to improve efficiency.

What is IIoT?
IIoT is a part of a much larger concept; the Internet of Things. IoT is a vast, cloud-based service that collects and shares data through a network of computers, devices, and objects.

How can IIoT help companies?
Companies implementing the Industrial Internet of Things are saving time and money as well as improving their efficiency and scalability. For example, having a connected factory can result in predictive maintenance and increased worker safety. With IIoT, it is possible for factories to connect all of their people, data, and processes from the floor to the executive offices. Leaders can see how their company is performing, and therefore make better decisions.

What are the challenges with implementing the IIoT?

Firstly, companies need to know that their data is protected. The use of sensors and other smart, connected devices results in an explosion of security vulnerabilities. As long as companies are aware of these vulnerabilities, they can take the proper action to stop any potential security threat.

Another challenge manufacturers will face is the gap in technical skills required to integrate IIoT with their operations. Companies will have to invest in initiatives to hire the right talent and train their current staff.

Why we should be excited about the Industrial Internet of Things:

Manufacturers are modernizing their systems and equipment to meet new regulations, keep up with market volatility, and deal with upcoming technologies. Companies that have embraced the IIoT have enjoyed improvements to efficiency, safety, and profitability. The best part is that this trend is only expected to continue as more companies are moving toward using IIoT technologies.


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