Precision Metal Fabrication


Our manufacturing capabilities include CNC turning, milling, and assembly in a variety of metals.

We expertly machine precision components for customers in the aerospace, electronics, instrumentation, medical, industrial, military, and nuclear industries.

East Bay Manufacturers creates the finest quality machined metal components and plastic fabrications.

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Metals We Use Include:

Stainless Steel (303, 304, 316)
Nickel-Based Alloy
Aluminum Alloy

We Have Approved Vendors For:

Anodizing is an electromechanical process. It converts metal surfaces into a decorative, durable, and corrosion-resistant finish. Aluminum is best suited for anodizing, but other nonferrous metals, such as titanium can also be anodized.

Passivation increases the corrosion resistance of stainless steels by reducing the chemical reactivity of its surface. A component may need to be passivized once or more per year.

Nickel/Chrome Plating
Nickel-Chrome plating is a common metal plating technique that is used for its protection against corrosion and also for its decorative value.

Electro Polishing
Electro polishing is an electrochemical process that smooths and streamlines the microscopic surface of a metal object. The result is a microscopically perfect surface.

Laser Etching
Laser etching (a subset of laser engraving) occurs when the heat from the beam causes the surface of the material to melt. The melted material then expands and causes a raised mark. It enhances contrast and alters its reflectivity.

Heat Treating
Heat treating metals is an attempt to optimize the mechanical and physical properties for a specific application. Heat treatment is commonly a process to harden metal, but it can also be used to soften metal for easier working operations.