Laser Marking

Laser Marking Services

Are you in need of high-quality and reliable laser marking services? Look no further than East Bay Manufacturers! We recently acquired a top-of-the-line LaserStar fiber laser marking system and are excited to offer our services to businesses in need of permanent, attractive part marking.

Our laser marking system is perfect for complying with industry regulations and enhancing the aesthetics of your products.

Whether you’re in the medical, manufacturing, or high-end automotive industry, our system can create highly contrasting logos, part & serial numbers, machine readable 2-D Matrix codes, and eye-catching graphics onto various metals and materials.

Our laser marking system is non-contact, which means that character definition and depth will be flawless regardless of material hardness. We pride ourselves on our system’s reliability and ruggedness, so you can trust that it will perform day in and day out.

Contact us today to discuss your laser marking needs and find out how our system can provide you with a competitive edge.