East Bay Manufacturers has partnered with Diman Regional Vocational Tech High School’s Co-operative Program to support students training in the machining industry. Our first co-op employee is Ryan McGlone (’21) who has impressed us with his skills, dedication, and his persistence to work in the drafting field.

Some changes due to COVID-19 have caused the co-op program to be put on hold. Despite delays, Ryan has joined our team part time to get better acclimated to the full manufacturing process.

Ryan recently completed his first original part, seeing it through all stages of the manufacturing process. The final product was from Aluminum on a Haas VF 2SS CNC Mill.

We look forward to seeing Ryan’s progress and achievements while here.

What is a Co-op Program?

Cooperative Education is a structured method of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience. A cooperative education experience, commonly known as a “co-op”, provides academic credit for structured job experience.

Check Out Ryan’s First Complete Part

In Ryan’s Words
  • “I have been drawing for about 3 years in SolidWorks and Auto CAD.
  • The most challenging part was the tool pathing, and trying to figure out what can be done with what tools in as few operations as possible.
  • I learned the significance of work holding and how to use what tools you already own.
  • I hope to become able to draw, tool path, and program the machine with very little problem and continue to move forward and become an engineer.”