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Five Things to Know Before Manufacturing Your Prototype

Prototype Manufacturing – Here are Five Things You Should Know:
New product development is an exciting endeavor whether you are a startup inventor or a large company expanding its product line. But before you jump into building your prototype, there are a few things to know about prototype manufacturing.

1) Think about the purpose of the prototype
What are you doing with your prototype? Are you trying to sell to prospective clients or obtain financing from an investor? Or are you assessing the manufacturing?

2) Get Quality Assurance
There is nothing worse than getting your completed prototype and realizing that the quality is sub-par. Good communication will help solve this problem. Develop a good relationship with your manufacturer and make sure they assure top quality. It is also important to look at other parts they manufacture, and make sure they are well made.

3) Know About your Manufacturer
What types of products have they manufactured in the past? What materials are they capable of working with? If you are manufacturing a luxury item in small quantities, it is best if you don’t use a manufacturer that is used to producing batches in the thousands or millions. It might also be important to have a manufacturer who can help you with the engineering of the product.

4) Be Aware of Other Costs
Depending on where your manufacturer is located, shipping can add significantly to the cost of production. In fact, a lot of companies who offer extremely low prices on parts will use shipping fees to make their profit. Be sure to ask about shipping up front to avoid a shocking bill at the end of it all.

5) Be prepared for revisions
Once you have the first “working” model of your product, features and fitting specifications might need to be refined multiple times.

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