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Do you stock parts?

We do inventory against open orders as part of a vendor managed inventory program.

What materials do you utilize?

Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, hastelloy, nickle alloys, plastics.

What types of manufacturing do you perform?

We produce high-precision manufactured parts on a variety of equipment; CNC lathes, CNC turning centers, and manual. We support products with a vast array of approved vendors.

What are your minimum quantity requirements?

We produce orders as small as prototypes to as large as several thousand parts.

What type of pre and post production services do you offer?

TIG Welding, Part Assembly, Annealing, MIL Specification Anodizing, MIL Specification Plating, Passivation, Laser Engraving, Chromating, Powder Coating, Heat Treating, Spray Painting, Water Jet Cutting, EDM, Chemical Film, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Screw Machining.

Do you prototype work?

We do an extensive amount of prototype work for our customers; providing our value engineering expertise as part of their product development.

Are all parts volume sensitive?

Yes, every part must absorb an equal portion of its set-up costs. The complexity of the part and the number of parts ordered are key cost drivers.

What are your size limitations?

We use our own capabilities and if necessary, we have many approved vendors to meet customer required sizes.

Are prints and drawings always required?

A drawing is always preferred, but we can reverse engineer most components.

How are your products shipped?

We ship via UPS, common carrier, or any means specified by our customer. All of our products are shipped from Bristol, RI.

What file format can you accept drawings?

2D / Print file types

.PDF : Most universal print format, can be created without the need of a solid file. *PREFERRED

.DXF : Cad dependent 2D Drawing file, usually requires some sort of CAD software to generate (may not always be available to the customer requesting quote) 3D Solid file types

.x_t (Parasolid)

.step / .stp (STEP)


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