Custom Plastic Fabrication


At East Bay Manufacturers, we offer precision machining services using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Our manufacturing capabilities include CNC turning, milling, and assembly in a variety of plastics.

With our experienced staff, in-house equipment, and plastic material stock, we have the ability to provide design consulting services and manufacture all of your custom plastic components.

EBM Capabilities and Benefits

Our CNC plastic machining equipment can:

  • Process a wide range of components
  • Produce parts from a variety of plastics
  • Anneal many products for maximum strength
  • Custom machine plastics to your exact specifications

We offer:

  • Custom machined plastics made from samples, prints, or sketches
  • Complete CNC & conventional machining facilities
  • Post machining inspection with 100% inspection reports available
  • Precision plastic components, custom-machined to your specifications

We would be happy to discuss the appropriate methods and materials to use for your custom plastic parts and products. Contact us today to learn more.