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Challenges Manufacturers Face Today

3 Challenges Manufacturers Need to Overcome

Manufacturing is not what it used to be, and that is a good thing! Machine shops are now a clean, save environment, and they house some of the most high end technologies and equipment. However, that means there are many new challenges manufacturers face today.

Here are three of these obstacles and how to combat them:

1) Skills Gap
It is harder than ever for manufacturers to find great employees. Entry level jobs require skills in machine operation, mathematics, troubleshooting, and communication. Small to mid-sized precision manufacturers also require workers who can use CAD/CAM software. Engineers can find a place in a mid-sized manufacturer as well. Unfortunately, capable workers are overlooking these companies in their job search. Recruits with the right skills look elsewhere for jobs because they don’t know of the possibilities available at a manufacturing company.


What this means for manufacturers:
Recruiting initiatives need to be a priority for small to mid-sized companies. It is important to make sure that students are not only prepared for the workforce, but are also considering local machine shops for employment opportunities. East Bay manufacturers is a part of a partnership program with the district high school. It is a way to make sure students are getting the proper training and they become aware of job opportunities at local machine shops.

2) Changing Purchasing Behavior
Ecommerce solutions are not just for consumer products. Buyers are now finding suppliers online, and making more and more of their purchases online. By 2025, 10 to 15 percent of all global part sales will be made online.

What this means for manufacturers:
A strong online presence is vital. In order to compete, manufacturers need to start making website development and marketing a priority. Distributors should also focus on getting their products online through an ecommerce store.

3) Cyber-security
Cyber threats are a problem for every business and individual. However, manufacturers are at risk for a cyber attack now more than ever.

What this means for manufacturers:
Every employee needs to be trained on how to avoid a cyber threat. For example, be able to recognize emails that could contain malware, and know not to open them. They should also be conscious of other ways to protect themselves. Read our blog about cybersecurity here.

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