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Innovative Manufacturing with Our Haas VF-2 SS Machine

Meet Our Haas VF-2 SS At East Bay Manufacturers, we use only the best machines to serve our clients. One such machine is the cutting-edge Haas VF-2 SS, ideal for a wide range of manufacturing applications. With up to 20 different tools available on the machine carousel, this machine can take on even the most complex manufacturing projects with ease. [...]

Cheers to 20 Years!

  East Bay Manufacturers Inc has seen many changes throughout its history, but one constant that we have all grown to count on is quality. This attribute wouldn’t be possible without Bryan Sullivan, our Quality Assurance Manager. This past August marks Bryan’s twentieth anniversary (yes, 20!) with EBM. Throughout this time, his unwavering standards directly influenced the company’s reputation. His dedication to […]

Lean, Mean Microblasting Machine!

The first machine I have become acquainted with has an awesome name; the microblaster! It is a brand new machine in our facility and it solves a common problem – getting rid of burrs on machined parts. So what are burrs, anyway? Burrs are formed when machine components are cut or ground, and they can be broken up into two categories:

For the Love of Manufacturing

5 Things We Love about Manufacturing The employees at East Bay Manufacturers, Inc. come from many different backgrounds, yet share a commonality; a love for manufacturing. The daily grind can sometimes make us lose sight of this. Recently, I asked employees from the office to the shop floor to think about why they love working in the manufacturing industry. Here […]