CNC Machinist

CNC Specialist

We are seeking a talented and experienced CNC Specialist to take on a leadership role in our team’s machining process. If you are looking for a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact with your skills, this is the perfect position for you.

As a CNC Specialist, you will be responsible for providing guidance, mentorship, and technical support to our operators as they work with CNC machines. You should have a strong understanding of CNC programming and the ability to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise during the machining process.

In addition to your technical skills, you should also have excellent communication and leadership abilities, as you will be responsible for guiding and motivating our operators.

If you are a skilled and experienced CNC Specialist looking to elevate your career, we encourage you to apply for this position.


Benefits include health, dental, paid time off, and holidays. Mon-Fri, 7:00-3:30pm, full time. Compensation based on experience, between $35-75k a year.

Interested candidates should contact Michelle Vitorino, or call 401-254-2960, and reference this posting.

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