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Investing in Youth for a Sustainable Future

East Bay Manufacturers has partnered with Diman Regional Vocational Tech High School’s Co-operative Program to support students training in the machining industry. Our first co-op employee is Ryan McGlone (’21) who has impressed us with his skills, dedication, and his persistence to work in the drafting field.

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Product Spotlight : Tubes

When people ask what we “do” here at East Bay Manufacturers, the usual response is that we are a small parts manufacturer. “But what does that mean? How small is small? What types of products do you make?”

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Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, East Bay Manufacturers has made some changes in daily operations to ensure the health of our employees and customers. We want to share precautions we are taking to ensure a healthy team and business continuity.

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3 Tech Trends to Look out for in the Aerospace Industry

When I first got my job with East Bay Manufacturers, I had many questions from friends and family about what it is that my company makes. Even now, when I meet new people, it is inevitable that they will ask what products we manufacture. I love this question, but I also dread

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Lean, Mean Microblasting Machine!

The first machine I have become acquainted with has an awesome name; the microblaster! It is a brand new machine in our facility and it solves a common problem – getting rid of burrs on machined parts. So what are burrs, anyway? Burrs are formed when machine components are cut or ground, and they can be broken up into two categories:

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ChecK out our "Part of the Month!"

Below Is A Short Video showing the "MC Flow Body Control."