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ABOUT US CNC machined parts


Founded in 1960, EBM was strictly a machine shop. Over time, it evolved into a precision products manufacturing facility. We are committed to supplying precision components that fully satisfy our customer’s requirements. It all starts with negotiating a purchase order with our customer. We then manufacture a complete product from fabrication all the way to packing and shipping. If our customer is concerned about inventory costs, we will work with them by establishing sales agreement purchase orders. We utilize the “Just-In Time” (JIT) system for customers’ ever-changing demands. EBM will produce and stock finished products, releasing them as needed within days, not weeks.

Under the leadership of President Louis Victorino, East Bay Manufacturers, Inc., is a manufacturing company that is continuing to invest in the best technology, equipment, and personnel available to exceed our customers’ requirements. Integrity, performance, and quality are the cornerstones of the way we do business. We build integrity by meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, as well as keeping open lines of communication with all of our customers.

Our many years of success have been achieved through consistent customer satisfaction, outstanding customer service, top quality products, on-time delivery, and competitive prices. Our customer base is very diverse and spans from small firms to fortune 500 companies.

A major part of our success has been to employ the most qualified and motivated people in the industry. Our organization structure is lean and efficient, empowering decision making throughout all levels of the company; our employees are a vital element to our success and longevity. We are proud to say that our capabilities, professionalism, and commitment to exceeding customer requirements are second to none.


East Bay Manufacturers ensures the inspection requirements, inventory, and packaging of all our materials are completed with the highest quality prior to reaching our customers. Our quality system is compliant with MIL-I-45208A requirements. Our quality assurance department is experienced and well trained in mechanical inspections.

Quality, integrity, and performance have been the cornerstone of our company since 1960 and we adhere to the highest standards in the industry. We promise to thoroughly inspect all materials prior to shipping


The financial stability of the manufacturing company is an important consideration when determining whom to do business with in this industry. With ample growth since 1960, we are proud of our financial stability and are well financed by our partner bank with a good line of credit.

We finance our own inventory and work with our suppliers to stock material so that it is available to our customers immediately. We have also fostered strong relationships with our vendors who have chosen to partner with us because of our financial health and well-being as a company.


East Bay Mfg. has an expansive financial plan with a view of the “big picture”. That is why risk, with its bearing on all aspects of an organization, must be viewed through ownership’s view. By measuring the economic impact of risk, East Bay Manufacturer’s president is adept at managing resource allocation for scenario planning.

Our Risk Management Plan

  • Solid insurance coverage in place to protect our business in any situation
  • Strong relationships with our vendors to take on our work load if needed
  • All data is securely stored on a virtual server
  • Our management team has an employee structure in place to take over in case of unplanned employee turnover